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TalkTalk Wi-Fi Extender Kit


Homes come in all shapes and sizes and even the best routers on the market can’t get Wi-Fi into every corner of your home. There’s just too much stuff that gets in the way — walls, floors, and signals from other electronics can all affect your Wi-Fi.

But our Wi-Fi Extender Kit is here to save the day.

Making use of clever ‘powerline technology’, our Kit partners with your router to tackle your home’s Wi-Fi weak-spots. It uses your home’s electrical wiring to provide an easy way to extend your home’s Wi-Fi coverage, with a signal that’s fast and reliable.

  • • Powerline technology uses your home’s electrical wiring to carry your Wi-Fi signal further into your home.
  • • Enjoy flexible Wi-Fi: Move your Wi-Fi Extender wherever you need Wi-Fi in your home, whenever you want.
  • • Keeps a low profile: Plugs straight into your power sockets so no trailing cables.
  • • Fuss-free setup: Get going in no time with zero-touch set-up*
  • • A reliable, secure connection that you’re sure to notice
  • • Built by the experts: We’ve partnered with D-Link to bring you this Kit

*This plug-and-play feature is only available to TalkTalk customers.

How do they work?

Our Wi-Fi Extender Kit uses something called ‘Powerline Technology’.

It’s a clever piece of tech that allows your internet connection to be sent down your home’s electrical wiring, letting you pump out your Wi-Fi signal pretty much anywhere in your home you’d like.

Put simply, wherever there’s a plug socket, you can plug in the Wi-Fi Extender and enjoy a strong, reliable Wi-Fi signal in a part of your home where you’ve always found your Wi-Fi signal suffers.

For further information on our Wi-Fi Extender Kits and how they can help you tackle your home’s Wi-Fi weak spots, please visit:

Tech Spec

Wi-Fi Technology
  • Powerful AC1200 wireless performance with speeds up to 1200 Mbps (300 Mbps -2.4GHz and 867Mbps – 5GHz)
  • WEP / WPA & WPA2, WPS Enabled
  • Built-in power supply, Powerline AV2 standard (up to 1Gbps), 1x Gigabit Ethernet ports, Pass-through power functionality

This product is designed and tested for TalkTalk’s network only. To help ensure optimal performance, we recommend that a maximum of two Wi-Fi Extenders are used in your home at any one time. TalkTalk is unable to support customers from other ISP’s.