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Network Connector


In any home, getting a wired connection where you want one can prove a challenge. Your router needs to be near your main phone socket, but your home office is down the hallway and your smart TV’s up in the bedroom. To solve that, you could set up everything around your router, pay for an expensive rewiring of your home, or you run unsightly cables around your home.

Or, you could use our handy Network Connector Kit.

Making use of clever ‘powerline technology’, our Network Connector kit lets you break free of your router. Using your home’s electrical wiring, it offers an easy way to extend your wired internet connection anywhere in your home.

  • • Powerline technology uses your home’s electrical wiring to carry your internet connection anywhere in your home
  • • A flexible wired connection: Plug in your Network Connector wherever you need a wired connection and enjoy a wired connection right there.
  • • Keeps a low profile: Plugs straight into your power sockets so no trailing cables
  • • Fuss-free setup: Get going in no time with zero-touch set-up
  • • A reliable, secure connection that you’re sure to notice
  • • Built by the experts: We’ve partnered with D-Link to bring you this Kit

How do they work?

Our Network Connector Kit uses something called ‘Powerline Technology’.

It’s a clever piece of tech that lets you break free of your router. Your internet connection is sent down your home’s electrical wiring (essentially turning it into a big ethernet cable), letting you enjoy a wired internet connection pretty much anywhere you’d like in your home.

Wherever there’s a plug socket, you can plug in the Network Connector and use an ethernet cable to connect your compatible device (a laptop, PC, TV, games console, etc). It’s a simple, cost-effective way to get a strong, reliable internet connection in a spot that’s nowhere near your router.

Tech Spec


Built-in power supply, Powerline AV1 standard (up to 200Mbps), 1x Fast Ethernet ports.

This product is designed and tested for TalkTalk’s network only. TalkTalk is unable to support customers from other ISPs.